Haus Sonnenschein in English

Haus Sonnenschein, located in Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture,
 at the base of beautiful Mount Fuji was founded in 1992.

It is a classical music school offering lessons in piano,
organ, harpsichord and violin.

The music salon, in which monthly chamber music concerts
by world class musicians, including members of the Vienna and 
Berlin philharmonicorchestras, are held, seats up to 50 to 80 people and was specially designed with acoustics which are ideal for the performance of early music, designed by Mis.Masako Kitagawa. 
The owner of this building. art producer, educator and artist for Waldplf education.

 The 7.4 meter high beechwood ceiling,
Provencal terra cotta tiles, arched windows 
and oak benches bring to mind a small
European chapel.

 In addition to a  concert grand,(Yamaha C7)

a special ordermade Von Nagel two-manual Flemishharpsichord, 1989, 

and various other instruments, the salon contains two historical ones:

a pipe organ built in Paris in 1910 by Mutin Cavaille-Coll 

and a square piano built

in London in1833 by Broadwood & Sons.

Next time you are in Japan, please treat yourself an intimate and relaxing evening of world class music.


Haus Sonnenschein


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